Water Swirled Into Gas Turbine Technology

Len Andersen Engineer with 3 patent trillion dollar tech attending and presenting informally at the Turbo Expo in London, June 24 - 28, 2024


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Ed is the patent attorney on "Method and Apparatus for Increasing Thrust or Other Useful Energy Output of Device With a Rotating Element". Member and attend most of the American Society of Civil Engineers Metropolitan Section meetings ( two or more a month ) http://www.ascemetsection.org/

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LEONARD MORGENSEN ANDERSEN / Engineer Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers PO Box 1529 ( +1299 dollars per year Caller Box) Post Office Across From Penn Station NYC, New York New York 10116-1529 , 914-237-7689 (home), 914-536-7101 (cell phone)

Leonard M. Andersen / Residence
46 Alexander Av / Yonkers NY 10704
Many Reports Made Indicating Mail Stolen / Answered and telephone call impersonation of Len Andersen!
Forgery Concern!
www.lenandersen.com  Suppression Impersonation of Len Andersen site.
Petroleum Engineering - 2 patents / 30 plus years www.spe.org New York and New England Petroleum http://nyne.spe.org Houston www.spegcs.org  and Saudi Arabian www.spesas.org sections memberships!

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• ASCE Metropolitan Section is the local section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in the New York City metro area attends meetings member www.ascemetsection.org
• The Metropolitan Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in New York City attends meetings as a member www.asmemetsection.org
• Metro New York Section, American Institute of Chemical Engineers attends meetings member www.aiche-metrony.org 
• Dr. Robert Hanley, 864-423-9470 , RHanley@trcsolutions.com  , http://www.trcsolutions.com
• Bob Waite PE/ 516-872-0381 ,516-872-4648(FAX), rfwaite@rfwaite.com 
• Current Patent Attorney Edward Ellis / Leason Ellis LLP / 914-288-0022 , 1 Barker Avenue , White Plains, NY 10601 / www.LeasonEllis.com  "Edward Ellis" Ellis@leasonellis.com  http://www.LeasonEllis.com 
• Robert C. Sullivan Jr. Long Term Friend Patent Attorney Handled Eight Patents of Mine, www.fr.com/Robert-C-Sullivan , 212-641-2366 rsullivan@fr.com , Fish & Richardson , 601 Lexington Avenue , 52nd Floor , New York, NY 10022-4611 , 212-765-5070 , Fax: 212-258-2291
• Edward Ellis Patent Attorney On New Turbine Patent / http://www.LeasonEllis.com 
• Anatoly Zolotukhin (Russian-English-Norwegian Speaking Petroleum Engineer), Professor, Deputy Rector on the International Affairs, Russian State Gubkin University of Oil and Gas, Russia, 119911, Moscow, Leninsky prospect 65, 007 499 135 75 16, 00 7 985 923 43 15 zolotukhin.a@gubkin.ru 
• Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) www.sec.gov (877) 442-0854, Len Andersen has worked as a Stock Broker and is Listed as An Inactive Stock Broker!
• Harry Zhong, (Chinese/English speaking stock broker), 917-723-0338, hzmails@yahoo.com 
• Society of Petroleum Engineers member, 800-456-6863; American Welding Society member, 800-443-9353