Water Swirled Into Gas Turbine Technology

Len Andersen Engineer with 3 patent trillion dollar tech attending and presenting informally at the Turbo Expo in London, June 24 - 28, 2024

New Technology

A New Way to Get More Electricity etc. From Fuel


The combined cycle gas turbine unit you are currently using require fuel to operate. The cost of that fuel cuts into your profits. Water Swirled Into Gas Turbine Technology helps you lower the cost of electricity generation + 20 % fuel efficiency with a new and proven technique!

Analysis of Steam Zoning With Exhaust – Smoke Stack and Water Swirled Into Gas Turbine Technology»

New Patent Water Droplets Moved by Turbine

Efficiency through Updated Technology

The focus of our technology is on electrical generation in combined cycle mode. This technology introduces water into the after turbine hot end of the gas turbine engine with the droplets of water traveling in a curved-swirling pattern after. Our water swirled technique will be beneficial to diverse energy and industrial operations such as:

• Shell • Saudi ARAMCO • General Electric • Siemens

Energy Production for Lower Cost

With our new technological invention, hot thrust gas produces water droplets of a small size that move in a curved path. This mixture quickly and efficiently forms steam so that it enlarges the hot gas volume. The enlarged thrust gas flow makes an extraction turbine rotate, yielding lower capital cost and higher efficiency. Numbers indicate improved efficiency (fuel in/electricity out) is approximately +12% gas fuel.

Increase Your Electricity Output

The most obvious advantage of our new technology is more electricity output per unit of fuel in. The less obvious advantage is the efficiency of smaller electrical power generation plants, which is about the same for 1 to 500 megawatts. Therefore, more plants result in less loss on electrical distribution. Our innovative technology also results in less expensive but faster starts and shutdowns than combined cycle steam turbine units.

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