Water Swirled Into Gas Turbine Technology

Len Andersen Engineer with 3 patent trillion dollar tech attending and presenting informally at the Turbo Expo in London, June 24 - 28, 2024


Fuel to Electricity - Our power generation technology results in 5% gas - 15% liquid up in fuel to electricity or mechanical energy output, compared to combined cycle in use before latest pending patent (3rd). Use of our invention would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 12-14% with additional emissions reduction due to a shorter distance from electrical generation to electrical consumption.

Capital Cost Savings - The use of our technology results in low capital cost for combined cycle units. The availability of natural gas fields expands that possibility.

More Efficient Gas Turbines - With our invention, the efficiency of gas turbine electrical generator units is 1 to 400 MW, which would greatly reduce electrical distribution losses. Customers benefit from lower startup and shutdown costs than if they used combined systems.

Various Uses - Pursuant of patent allows for the use of our technology in ships, trains, combined cycle gas turbine systems, and aircraft resulting in +30% savings.

Improved Kilowatt Capacity - Our invention results in lighter per kilowatt (kW) capacity than some internal combustion systems.